Bournemouth’s Personal Injury Solicitors

  • Have you had an injury at work?
  • Have you been in a traffic accident?
  • Have you had a fall in a public area?
  • Have you been hurt by a product that you have purchased?

An accident could prove to be very costly. You could have a loss of earnings and run up a bill with medical fees. If the accident was not your fault and caused by someone else you could be owed compensation.

We have a team of personal injury solicitors who can provide you with specialist advice on every kind of claim.

If you are in any doubt about your rights and what you can expect for a personal injury solicitor then the citizen’s advice has some great information.

Trips and slips can be the most common form of injury when at work and are the cause of 30% of all major injuries. A trip could also lead to something more serious like a fall from a height or into a machine that is not properly guarded or maintained.

According to UK health and safety, 31% of all workplace accidents were trips or falls.



Our personal injury department is headed up by 2 specialist solicitors who collectively have more than 20 years experience in personal injury law.

We are Dorset solicitors and we are here to make things a lot easier for your family and you.

We have helped hundreds of clients claim the money they deserve for their personal injury claims.

Compensation is only the start and we can help you access any rehabilitation, support and medical supplies you might need in your recovery.

Our offices on the South Coast provide everything you could need. if you are after help buying a property we have expert conveyancing or a whole team for family law in Bournemouth and Poole